My mission is to make the future of venture more human. As a certified executive coach based in Berlin, I have coached, invested, and advised dozens of founders all across Europe.

In order to serve my clients in the best way, I would like to bring on an entrepreneur in residence who helps me manage operations, marketing and build strategic products.

Apply here.

I run a high-ticket service business and want to scale through media (content), programs and ultimately investments. This lines out three areas of focus for your role:

  • At the moment, your challenge is to free up as much time for me to work with clients. Especially on the marketing & public relations side.
  • Strategically, I want you to lead projects that turn my work into scalable products / quality content / programs.
  • Qualify inbound leads for investments and founder coaching.

This is a critical role in my business for a real self-starter. You need to be excited about the startup community in DACH. German/English language required.

If you are passionate to make the future of venture more human with me, please reach out!

Social Media, Lead Qualification, Growth Marketing, Inbound Marketing No-Code Process Automation, Product Management